Ingraham Trail

Ingraham Trail

The Ingraham Trail winds its way through 70 kms of scenic Canadian Shield east of Yellowknife to Tibbitt Lake.  To access the Ingraham Trail, follow NT Highway 3 north past Fred Henne Territorial Park and turn onto NT Highway 4.  

Dozens of picturesque lakes, campgrounds, picnic sites, and boat launches dot this winding road through Yellowknife’s cottage country. A beautiful drive, the Ingraham Trail offers scenic vistas of lakes, forest and ancient Precambrian rock.

Launch your boat (or rent one) and fish for trout or pike, follow hiking trails, watch the Northern Lights, hike to the Cameron Falls, camp, swim or bird watch. Approximately 30 km of the road is paved, most of the road has been widened and re-graded.

There are Territorial campgrounds along the Ingraham Trail:

  1. Prelude Lake Territorial Park 
  2. Reid Lake Territorial Park

For more information about the Day Use Areas and attractions along the Ingraham Trail, please download a copy of the NWT Road and Campground Guide.