Great Slave Route

Great Slave Route

The Great Slave Lake is a remnant of an enormous inland sea scoured out of the Canadian Shield by glaciers during the last ice age.  It is the deepest lake in North America (616m/2,027 feet deep) and the second largest lake in wholly within Canada.

The Great Slave Route brings travellers around the southern shores of the expansive Great Slave Lake.  It includes NWT Highways 2, 5, and 6; it includes to communities located along the southern shores of Great Slave Lake - Hay River and Fort Resolution.

To start this Route, at Enterprise, take Highway 2 north to Hay River on the sandy shores of the Great Slave Lake.  When leaving Hay River, turn east onto NWT Highway 5 to reach Fort Resolution and Fort Smith.  At the Junction of Highway 5 & 6, continue east to travel to Fort Resolution.

There are two NWT Territorial campgrounds located along this route: 

  1. Hay River Territorial Park
  2. Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park

For more details on what you will see along this Route, please download a copy of the NWT Road and Campground guide